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This is an archive of productions I have been involved in. Information includes programs, cast members, photos, reviews and other bits and pieces. Linked (underlined) text on this page indicates downloadable and printable pdfs.

One Yellow Rabbit Theatre

First corporate fundraising package Booklet


Juggler on a Drum

By Kirk Miles and Gyllian Raby

In photo at right: Denise Clarke, George McFaul, Sheri-Dayle Wilson


Ides, 1985

Cast: Brad Logrin, Marianne Moroney, Jan Stirling, Michael Green, James Howley, George McFaul. Music: James Howley. Design: Nigel Scott, Lara Cassells.
Performing Arts in Canada cover
3 photos


The Pageant of the Comet, 1987

By Gyllian Raby with Kirk Miles. Design: Lara Cassells
Cast; Jan Stirling, Bruce Hunter (in photo), James Howley, Michael Green, Denise Clarke.
Calgary Herald review
4 photos

Disrobing The Bride, 1987

By Harry Kondoleon
Cast: Michael Green, Sherri-Dayle Wilson, Leslie Ewen
bride Design: Witek Wisnievski
Calgary Sun review
6 photos

Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp

By Blake Brooker; Composer: David Rimer; Dramaturge, design, director: Gyllian Raby
Cast: Ronnie Burkett, Paul Punyi, Andy Curtis
Edmonton Journal review
3 photos

Northern Light Theatre

Northern Light brochure 1
Northern Light Brochure 2
Alberta Report article

Plutocrats, 1988

By Paul Goetzee Cast: Robert Astle, Christine MacInnes (in photo), Blair Haines, Yves Mercier. Composer: David Rimer
Edmonton Sun review
Globe and Mail review
2 photos

Treacheries of the Blue Angel, 1990

Stage & Lighting design: Jim Andrews, Composer: Jan Randall, Videographer: Gary Bruckner
Cast: Carl Hare, Frances Kershaw (in photo), Chantal Jenkins, Daniel Libman
Edmonton Journal preview
Edmonton Gazette review

The Revenger’s Tragedy, 1990


Adapted from Tourneur by Brad Fraser and Jeffrey Hirschfield
Stage design: Nigel Scott, Costumes: Leona Brausen, Composer Darcy Phillips
Cast: Blair Haynes, Maureen Rooney, Paul Punyi, Pamela Haig, Alan Stebbings, Julien Arnold, Marilyn Ryan, Anne Mannet
Edmonton Sun preview
Edmonton Sun review

Sherlock’s Last Case, 1991

Edmonton Sun Review

wicked review

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Adapted from Ray Bradbury’s novel, Composer: David Rimer, Stage design: Nigel Scott, Lighting: Steve Eysom, Choreography Ali Pourfarroukh (1989) Edward Hillyer (1992)
Cast: Michael Hancock; Andrew Akman/Paul Punyi, Liza Yuzda/Cheri Barton, Chris Gower, Jaques Bourgouin, Elizabeth Stepkowski
wicked Edmonton Sun review
Edmonton Sun review 2
Edmonton Bullet review
Alberta Venture magazine
Wicked program
2 photos
2 more photos
Bradbury letter

The Corporate Nightmare of Rembrandt Brown, 1989

Cast: Max McLaughlin, Patricia Darbasie, Paul Punyi, Giselle Lemire, Kevin McGugan. Stage Design: NIgel Scott, Costumes: Joanna Baylie, Lighting: Morris Ertman
Edmonton Journal review
Edmonton Sun review

Cinderella, a musical 1990

By Kate Lushington. Composer: Darcy Phillips, Stage Design: Nigel Scott,
Set design photo

Artist Descending A Staircase 1990

By Tom Stoppard
Composer: Don Stein


Polygraph 1989- 1994

By Robert Lepage and Marie Brassard, Design: Robert Lepage, Composers: Yves Chamberland and Pierre Brousseau
Cast: Robert Lepage, Marie Brassard, Pierre Philippe Gagnon/Marc Beland
London City Limits review


94 people in Halifax article
Playwrights’ Atlantic Resource Centre Newsletter
Cincinnati Enquirer article


The Lure of Foreign Parts, 1990

Devised with Paul Punyi, Maureen Rooney and Lori Biamonte
Composer: Bev Ross

Music To Wreck Autos By, 1993

Composer: Paul Cram, Stage Design: Nigel Scott.
Daily News preview


Albertine in Five Times, 1996

By Michel Tremblay
Daily News review
Tactical approach

Beyond Zebra, 1996

By Torquil Colbo, Composer: Paul Cram, Stage Design: Nigel Scott.
zebra Chronical Herald preview

The Secret Life, 1997

By Harley Granville Barker

The Purging, or Baby Won’t Go 1997

By Feydeau/ Peter Barnes. Stage design: Barbara Gordon
purging Photos

The Little Prince, 1998

By Antoine St-Exupery
Program Note

Seneca’s Trojan Women, 1997

Adapted from Fred Ahl’s translation, by Gyllian Raby with Composer James Hart, Stage design: Nigel Scott, Videography: Dave Edwards, Xavier TV Centre
Producer: Cathy Springfield.
2 photos

Don Juan Comes Back from the War, 1999

By Odon von Horvath. Stage design: Yvonne Sauriol, Costumes David Boechler, Lighting: Jim Plaxton


Sabina’s Splendid Brain, 1999

By Carol Sinclair
Videography & Stage Design Nigel Scott
Cast: Naomi Bayliss, Jure Hart.
Cincinnati Enquirer review

Skirmishes 1999

By Elizabeth Logan Harris, Stage Design Nigel Scott
Cincinnati Enquirer review
Arts Press On-stage review

Tales of the Grotesque 1999

By Sheldon C. Design: Michiko Kukayama, Videography: Dave Edwards
CKIK Radio review

Passion, Poison and Petrifaction 1999

By Bernard Shaw
Program with photos

Faust and the Human Genome, 2000

Adapted by Gyllian Raby

Alice, 2000

By Maristella Roca

Quarry 2001

By Mo Bock, Stage Design by Katherine Christiansen; Kathryn McKay
Cast: Brooke Johnson, David Fox, Keira Loughran
Quarry program
2 photos


Fingers & Toes, a jazz tap musical, 2002-2004

Written and arranged by Logan Medland, choreographed by Randy Ganne.
Cast #1: Logan Medland, Robin Hutton, Randy Ganne
Cast# 2: Logan Medland, Noah Henne, Heather McGuigan
Cast #3 : Logan Medland, Allison Plamondon, Timothy
Poster and program
Stratford workshop poster
Oakville Press review
Kitchener press review
Kincardine Trident review
3 photos


Aphra Behn’s The Rover
(& the Spanish Civil War), 1994, 1998-2001

The Rover Brock program
St. Catharines Standard preview


An Experiment with an Air Pump, 2003

By Shelagh Stephenson
Set and Costumes: Karyn McCallum, Lighting Ken Garrett
Brock Press
Pulse preview
2 photos

Alexandre Dumas-fils’ The Demi-Monde, 2004

Set and Costume Design: Bill Schmuck, Lighting Ken Garrett
Promotional postcard
Standard preview


Arthur Miller’s The Crucible in an Age of Terror, 2005

Set & Costume Design: David Vivian, Lighting Ken Garrett
Niagara This Week review
Standard preview
6 photos

Unity 1918, 2007

By Kevin Kerr
Stage & Costume Design: David Vivian, Lighting Ken Garrett


Advocate P. Americana 2008

Written and performed by Linda Maria Rodriguez- Gugliani
Composer: Cecilia Castro Alonso
Atlantic Artists Center, Florida USA