Gyllian Raby: One Yellow Rabbit Theatre

One Yellow Rabbit Theatre: Intro

I was co founder and Artistic Director of One Yellow Rabbit Theatre 1981-1983, and co-Artistic Director 1984-1987, based in Calgary, Alberta. A supportive Board and an incredible group of artistic friends enabled the development of the company.


Movie created by Nigel Scott and me for One Yellow Rabbit's 25th aniversary. View movie.

Two successive warehouse theatres were built under the design leadership of NIgel Scott, assisted by Ralph Christofferson (who volunteered in his pre-theatre days), me, Michael Green, Blake Brooker, the poet clown Kirk Miles, the physical theatre practitioner George McFaul, the actors Marianne Moroney and Jan Stirling and the dancer-creator who continues to be an OYR artistic leader, Denise Clark.

To this day, when I walk past an empty warehouse I have to check out whether it might possibly make a theatre.

Longevity of the company meant finding a permanent home and paying the artistic associates. Nigel Scott, Michael Green, Blake Brooker and I created the original Secret Theatre in the Calgary Centre for the Performing Arts, 1986.

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One Yellow Rabbit, see Martin Morrow's book "Wild Theatre – The History of One Yellow Rabbit".

I directed three seasons of new plays there. The highlights were Rembrandt Brown, and Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp, by Blake Brooker. Ilsa is still in the Rabbit repertoire today.

One Yellow Rabbit just celebrated its 25th and continues to tour internationally with Blake, Denise, Andy and Michael and several marvellous performers newer to the ensemble. Michael Green operates the High Performance Rodeo, Western Canada’s major festival of innovative theatre, which he originated in 1984. In Calgary George McFaul runs a gorgeous yoga studio, Kirk Miles writes witty, stirring poetry. Jan Stirling has been a significant innovator in drama and creative therapies in the UK and now works from Peterborough. Marianne Moroney designs beautiful jewelry in Toronto.


Director and co-author with Kirk Miles. Juggler On A Drum. Loose Moose Theatre Complex 1983. Edmonton fringe Festival 1983. Revived at One Yellow Rabbit Warehouse Theatre, 17th Avenue SW Calgary, 1983.With Denise Clark, Sheri-Dayle Wilson, Michael Green, Nigel Scott, George McFaul Jan Stirling.

Performer and co-author, Winter Tales, One Yellow Rabbit School Tour 1983.

Co-producer, Writer. One Yellow Rabbit Cabaret at Beggar's Banquet, 17th Avenue Calgary 1984-1986.


Writer with Blake Brooker. Ides, directed by Keith Turnbull. One Yellow Rabbut's SkyRoom Theatre. June-August 1984. Designed by Nigel Scott, fabrics and costumes by Laurie. Composer James Howley. With Marianne Moroney, George McFaul, Jan Stirling, Michael Green, Brad Loghrin, James Howley.

Co-producer. Secret Elevator Festival. One Yellow Rabbit Office Theatre. Calgary, September 1986.

Director, writer, with Kirk Miles. Pageant of the Comet . Expo '86 Drama Series, Vancouver, BC. and Calgary, Alberta (June-Sept 1986).

Director. Disrobing the Bride, by Harry Kondoleon. One Yellow Rabbit's Secret Theatre, Calgary Centre for the Arts, March 1987. Composer Daniel Janke. Designer Wytek Wisnievski, with Michael Green, Sheri-Dayle Wilso and Leslie Ewen.

Dramaturge , director. Rembrandt Brown by Blake Brooker . One Yellow Rabbit's Secret Theatre, Calgary Centre for the Arts May 1987. Composer Richard McDowell. With Kevin Brooker, Alexandra Patience, Paul Punyi, Almeida Cowper, Michael Green.


Dramaturge , director. Ilsa, Queen of the Nazi Love Camp by Blake Brooker et al. One Yellow Rabbit's Secret Theatre, Calgary Centre for the Arts and Edmonton Fringe Festival 1987. Production remounted by Blake Brooker with Denise Clark, Michael Green and Andy Curties played International Tour to Edinburgh, Berlin, Avignon (1990) New York La Mama. Edinburgh Festival ?Fringe First? Award. National Tour to Factory Theatre, Toronto, Manitoba Theatre Warehouse, Firehall Theatre Vancouver (1991) remains in repertoire through 2008.

Director. Leonardo's Last Supper by Peter Barnes. The Off centre Centre Gallery Calgary, 1981. Inaugural Edmonton Fringe Festival production. Revived the SkyRoom Theatre 1984. With Kirk Miles, George McFaul and Jan Stirling. Designed by Nigel Scott.

Director. The Crusader by Beverley Simons and The Only Jealousy of Emer by W.B. Yeats. Off Centre Centre Artists run gallery, Central Calgary 1982. Cochrane Community Hall 1982. Edmonton Fringe Festival 1982. Seniors Homes circuit in Calgary, 1982. With Nigel Scott. George McFaul, Kirk Miles, Jan Stirling, Marianne Moroney.